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Welcome to the Integrated Molecular Interaction Database (IMID)! At IMID, molecular interaction information can be searched using the search function below, where you may enter specific keywords according to your search criteria. You can limit your search by pathways, diseases, gene ontology (GO) terms, species, interaction types, molecular types, the words that describe the interactions, or the probabilities of the interactions. You can read the Help file for more detailed explanation of the search functions. The search will return a table of records that matches the entered search criterion. You can browse through each page of the table in order to view the matched records. The number of records to be viewed in a single page of the table can be chosen from 10,20,30,50,100,200 and 300.

Below the table is the network view of the returned interactions for the first page of the table. The maximum number of interactions that can be shown in the network is 300. If you would like to visualize a larger network, please contact us. The legend corresponding to the network can be accessed from the network legend page. The thickness of the edges represent the probabilities of the interactions with high probabilities corresponding to thicker edges. By default, the table and the network below show 100 interactions of the whole database. Each returned interaction is linked to a PubMed abstract (PMID field), from which the interaction is obtained.

You can download the interactions displayed in the table using the Download button on the top right corner of the table visible after your search. If you would like to download larger number of interactions, please contact us.

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