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Frequently Asked Questions[FAQ]:

1. What information can I find at the database?
Currently, we have protein-protein interaction, protein/gene regulatory and protein-small molecule interaction information stored in the database.

2. How can I search the database?
A user can retrieve interaction information of a protein by querying a protein name in the search box. The user can also limit the type of interactions by choosing other options below the protein name entry box.

3. How can I understand the network?
The network is systematically coded for better visualization and understanding. The user can gain better knowledge of the network by understanding the coding involved in generating the network. The details of the coding are listed in the Network Legend link.

4. What are the software involved in generating the network?
The network is generated using Cytoscape web, a web plugin for Cytoscape. ASP.net, jQuery and AJAX are employed in Server Side scripting.

5. Is there any browser requirement for running the search functions?
The interface and search functions were tested and run properly on FireFox, Google Chrome, and IE9. Lower versions of IE do not work due to a compatibility issue.

Please ask us any questions you have and we will post answers on this page.
For questions, please contact
Primary Researcher: Dr. Jinfeng Zhang
E-mail Address: jinfeng@stat.fsu.edu