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About integrated molecular interaction database (IMID)

Integrated Molecular Interaction Databse (IMID) is a database for molecular interaction information integrated with various other bio-entity information, including pathways, diseases, gene ontology (GO) terms, species and molecular types. The information is obtained from several manually curated databases and automatic extraction from literature.

Currently, there are protein-protein interaction, gene/protein regulation and protein-small molecule interaction information stored in the database. The interaction information is linked with relevant GO terms, pathway, disease and species names. Interactions are also linked to the PubMed IDs of the corresponding abstracts the interactions were obtained from.

Manually curated molecular interaction information was obtained from BioGRID, IntAct, NCBI Gene, and STITCH database.
Pathway related information was obtained from KEGG database, Pathway Interaction database and Reactome.
Disease information was obtained from PharmGKB and KEGG database.
Gene ontology terms and related information was obtained from Gene Ontology database and GOA database.

IMID team

Contact: Dr. Jinfeng Zhang
E-mail: jinfeng@stat.fsu.edu